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What do I need to excel in the Math program?

Students who are interested in mathematics, perform well in high school math classes and have high scores on ACT/SAT exams tend to do well in the math program.

Why study mathematics at WVU Tech?

Our program provides a broad range of experiences in both theoretical and applied branches of mathematics though our well-constructed curriculum. Because WVU Tech is a STEM institution, students are encouraged to supplement their studies in mathematics with courses from engineering and science. We offer small classes and excellent advising by our dedicated, well-educated faculty.

What does a degree in Mathematics at WVU Tech offer?

The Bachelor of Science degree program in mathematics at WVU Tech offers rigorous training in four major branches of mathematics: analysis, algebra, topology and geometry, and applied mathematics. Students also obtain solid knowledge in computer science, physics and other sciences/engineering.

What will I learn in math program?

Through a well-constructed curriculum, our graduates will be critical thinkers and problem solvers, will be able to understand concepts, solve problems and prove theorems in at least three of the four major areas of mathematics, will be able to develop computer programs to implement computational algorithms and will be able to communicate effectively.

Can I double major in math and engineering at WVU Tech?

Yes. This is the kind of opportunity that a STEM-focused institution can offer.