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About the Mathematics Bachelor of Science Degree Program

The mathematics program introduces students to a variety of mathematical fields. Mathematics forms the logical foundation for the sciences and opens new avenues for exploration. Mathematics appeals to students who enjoy puzzles, patterns, and proof. Sciences like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics draw conclusions from data while mathematics is a formal science that builds results from logical proof.

Our graduates grow capacity for open-ended inquiry and critical thinking, and gain intellectual independence and a willingness to creatively explore challenging problems from multiple perspectives.  They have gone on to teach high school mathematics, work in the public and private sector, and earn advanced degrees; some have even gone on to become professors.

Our Mission

The Department of Mathematics at WVU Tech fosters an inclusive educational environment in which students learn mathematical skills and concepts that are fundamental to math literacy, that apply to their major fields of study, and that prepare math majors for technical careers as well as advanced degree programs.

 To fulfill this mission, the department offers a variety of classes, including introductory math classes, a statistics class, precalculus classes, a rigorous calculus sequence, and advanced math classes and offers a minor in mathematics.  Our courses support all degree-granting programs at WVU Tech.  Our Bachelor of Science degree program in Mathematics is a comprehensive, well-constructed curriculum taught by a dedicated, highly credentialed faculty. The curriculum has been designed to provide a broad range of experiences in both theoretical and applied branches of mathematics, preparing students to continue their education at the graduate level or to start technical careers.