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Computer Science & Information Systems

About the department

It’s a simple and undeniable fact: computer technology has transformed our world. Modern computers with unimaginable computing speeds are helping scientists and engineers break new ground every day, and it’s computer science that makes something like the Genome Project, a vital advancement in the field of Biology, possible.

This is happening in every discipline. Geologists are getting closer to predicting earthquakes and meteorologists can accurately forecast weather several days in advance. Advanced telescopes and software are helping astrophysicists make substantial progress in understanding the fundamental mystery of the Big Bang’s initial conditions. Computer-generated animation has set unbelievable new standards in motion pictures while high-tech devices and lightning-fast networks have revolutionized communication and entertainment.

Perhaps the most impressive innovations are those currently shaping modern defense and security. Unmanned aerial vehicles are conducting warfare, satellites can read a license plate from orbit and facial recognition technology has become common-place.

This rapid expansion and adoption of computer and information technology is presenting new opportunities. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in the Computer and Information Sciences are expected to grow by an average of 40% by 2016.

The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems at WVU Tech is here to help well-trained and dynamic graduates fill those new positions. We offer comprehensive Bachelor of Science degree programs in Computer Science and Information Systems to prepare students to take on the challenges and triumphs of this new and exciting information age.

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ABET - Computing Accreditation Comission

Our Computer Science program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET,