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Our comprehensive programs address the professional engineering and science needs of industry, government and business and prepare our graduates to be citizens of state, national and global communities. The College provides for a student-centered education that balances career preparation with an understanding and appreciation of the traditional humanities and sciences.

Our programs strive to prepare tomorrow’s engineers and scientists with the broad education necessary to effectively communicate technical concepts to a wide audience and to place technical solutions in a societal context. In addition, the College gives qualified students the opportunity to gain valuable experience practicing the fundamentals of engineering and science through co-op and internship programs.

For more than sixty years, our College has been building a reputation as a premier institution for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in engineering, engineering technology (engineering with a focus on application), sciences and mathematics. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the  ABET accreditation of our five engineering programs and our computer science program, ensuring our graduates have access to the enhanced employment opportunities an accredited program offers.

Our programs are career-oriented and designed to produce graduates who can work in interdisciplinary teams to create innovative solutions to the challenges of the physical and economic environment of the 21st century. We expect our students to leave WVU Tech thinking about the world in profoundly fresh and creative ways. A degree from WVU Tech does not guarantee a successful career, but it certainly provides an excellent start. Our graduates are much sought after by employers, and many earn their way into the most rigorous programs offered by the finest professional and graduate schools in the nation and around the world.

Visiting Committee

The Leonard C. Nelson College of Engineering & Sciences and the Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources have a joint visiting committee that convenes twice annually.

Visit the Visiting Committee website to find out more.