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The department of biology provides a comprehensive educational experience that includes a grounding in mathematics and natural sciences, integrated laboratory work and specialized coursework that enables student to fully understand the organism

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

With a focus on design and hands-on laboratory experience, the department of chemical engineering produces graduates who find success in fields ranging from biotechnology and environmental affairs to manufacturing and chemical industries.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

The department of civil engineering combines an emphasis on design and a practice-oriented curriculum to create graduates that can confidently face the challenges of engineering the world in which we live and work.

Computer Science & Information Systems

Computer Science & Information Systems

WVU Tech’s department of computer science & information systems arms students with the tools they need to tackle the challenges of modern computer technology and the ever-changing way we share information.

A male student in a blue hard hat inspects a piece of yellow steel.

Construction Management

The Construction Management aims to train tomorrow’s leaders in the construction industry to be technically competent, safety-focused, quality-centered, ethical and socially and environmentally responsible.

A female student holds a light bulb up to a plasma ball as a female professor looks on. The plasma ball's purple tendrils rise up to the bulb, causing it to illuminate.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

The department of electrical and computer engineering blends individualized instruction with hands-on training and cutting-edge technology to create graduates who understand the high-tech gadgetry that makes our modern world go around.

An ink pen lies on top of a piece of graph paper, upon which multiple mathematical equations are scribbled.


The department of mathematics fosters an educational environment where students can learn advanced mathematical concepts and enhances that environment with engineering and science instruction to produce a graduate with the skills and experience needed for a successful career.

Two students look on their work as they operate a drill press.

Mechanical Engineering

WVU Tech’s department of mechanical engineering combines personalized student instruction with high-tech, hands-on training that affords mechanical engineering graduates a chance to hit the ground running.

At right, a professor stands in a lab with a massive ball of flame rising from his hand while three students look on in astonishment.

Physical Sciences

The department of physical sciences provides expert instruction in chemistry and physics, producing graduates with a deep understanding of chemistry supplemented with mathematics, physics and engineering knowledge.