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The biology program covers all aspects of the organism – from anatomy and physiology to the structure of populations, communities, landscapes and ecosystems, our curriculum offers a comprehensive experience and provides the grounding in mathematics, chemistry and physics necessary for understanding biology.

Most of our courses contain an integrated laboratory component where students work with professional biologists to enhance their laboratory, field and research skills. We offer small classes taught by full-time faculty and specialized courses such as immunology, biotechnology and parasitology.

Our students have gone on to successful careers in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, research, education, and even cytotechnology. Program graduates have landed careers in organizations such as the National Park Service, FBI and NASA.

Our mission

Our mission is to produce graduates prepared to enter a variety of endeavors, including graduate and professional school or careers that require a sound background in the biological sciences. The strength of this preparation lies in a broad exposure to scientific principles in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics, and from a general education curriculum in the liberal arts and social sciences.

Careers in biology

Students who major in biology can go on to graduate and professional school or directly enter the workforce to pursue science-related careers.

Our graduates have been accepted to prestigious professional schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, osteopathy and veterinary medicine, as well as physician assistant programs. Students who pursue our program are also eligible to apply to professional schools in podiatry, physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Some of our students go on to obtain graduate degrees in biology and related fields and pursue research, education or technical careers. Our graduates have been accepted into prestigious graduate programs throughout the nation.

Graduates have also pursued careers as environmental consultants or laboratory technicians, and have worked for government organizations such as the National Park Service, FBI and NASA.

More Information

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