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Computer Science

About the Program

The WVU Tech Computer Science program teaches students computer programming, the theory behind computer programming, the tools to design and implement complex software packages, and the basics of computer networking and database management. A degree in Computer Science will prepare students for a variety of jobs including: Software Engineer, Scientific Researcher, Computer Programmer, Network, Computer System, and Database Administration. The average starting salaries for Computer Science majors is $63,000.

The program balances core courses focusing on theoretical depth with courses that provide technical skills. The program curriculum is diverse in content including courses such as: data structures, computer organization, software engineering, computer system concepts, analysis of algorithms, introduction to networking, database management, compiler construction, and operating systems concepts. Our up-to-date courses include topics such as programming on new platforms (mobile devices and iPads), computer security, and network security.

The department also offers a wide variety of elective courses for students who are interested in areas such as:

  • Computer Animation (image processing and computer graphics)
  • Video Game Development
  • Robotics (artificial intelligence)

WVU Tech computer science majors can add an area of emphasis in cybersecurity to their degree program. Earning a BS degree in computer science with area of emphasis in cybersecurity will qualify students for positions with a median pay of more than $100,000 per year.  

During the senior year, students participate in two semester senior project to integrate skills learned throughout the program.

The majority of the courses are taught in computer labs, giving students the advantage of a constant hands-on learning environment. The average class size of ten students for the required computer science courses facilitates one-to-one interaction with our well-qualified, full-time faculty members.

Students completing the computer science program will be well prepared for either a career in Computer Science or to continue their education by attending graduate school.