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Travis Asbury, '17

Travis Asbury

Where are you from originally and which high school did you attend?

I am originally from Sissonville, WV and I attended Sissonville High School.

What were your dreams in high school?

My dreams were scattered in high school; I didn’t have any type of sure-fire plan to kickstart a career in any direction. However, I did feel that I had a responsibility to apply myself and do the best that I could with my capabilities. I always enjoyed math and science in high school, therefore in my freshman year at WVU I decided to point my focus toward a major with a STEM curriculum.

Why did you decide to come to WVU Tech? What opportunities did you get at WVU Tech?

I decided to come to WVU Tech because it was close to home. WVU Tech gave me the chance to learn engineering from the best in a very tight-knit group. My class had only around ten students, and we had to perform as a team to make it through the curriculum. Additionally, the professors at WVU Tech were devoted to making us understand all of the trying topics that make up chemical engineering, and their doors were always open to assist us when we needed help.

Where did you go after graduating from WVU Tech? What are you doing now?

I went into consulting after leaving WVU Tech for SLR International. We provide many different types of engineering services worldwide; the main service provided by my office is environmental concerning air. As a consultant, I have performed a plethora of different tasks from air permit drafting and process modeling to working with teams on various jobs in the field.

Anything else you want to share with current and future students of the Chemical Engineering department?

A degree in chemical engineering may be a difficult task to achieve, and while you will have many ups and downs as you succeed and fail, you will come out on the other side a robust individual with a strong work ethic and all the tools needed to succeed in any field that you may find yourself.