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Angel Thompson, '15

Angel Thompson

Where are you from originally and which high school did you attend?

I am originally from Olney, Maryland and attended Largo High School.

What were your dreams in high school?

My dream in high school consisted of a lot of things. First, I wanted to be a cosmetic surgeon, then I wanted to be an entrepreneur. During my junior year of high school I fell in love with chemistry and wanted to study chemical engineering.

Why did you decide to come to WVU Tech? What opportunities did you get at WVU Tech?

I decided to attend WVU Tech because the class settings were small and I knew Tech had great programs. Wow, there were so many opportunities at Tech. For one I was able to visit chemical plants thanks to the AlChE chapter. Also, I was able to go white water rafting, received assistance with designing my LinkedIn account. The list goes on and on, the bottom line is Tech provided me more than just an education. It helped mold my future.

Where did you go after graduating from WVU Tech? What are you doing now?

After graduating WVU Tech, I went to graduate school at SUNY-Albany and received a Masters in chemistry. Currently, I conduct research at Children’s National Hospital in the Rare Disease Institute. Where the main focus is to develop assays to help doctors diagnosis uncommon diseases quickly. I’ve also ventured out and started my own start-up company.

Anything else you want to share with current and future students of the chemical Engineering department?

Future chemical engineers should aim for more and reach for the stars. It’s a field of study that will support our country fight for environmental issues, food, drug, and other protections in products concerning health and affordability.