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AWESOME is a student organization dedicated to supporting the women enrolled in STEM programs at WVU Tech, the empowerment of women in STEM programs wherever they may be, and the encouragement of STEM education among female students in grades K-12. Driven by a passion for learning and a desire to close the gender gap in STEM professions, AWESOME engages in a variety of on and off-campus activities, including monthly meetings, outreach programs and featured speakers. 

AWESOME Recognized by WV Focus Magazine as 2015 Wonder Women
From WV Focus
Although the number of female students in West Virginia University Institute of Technology’s science, technology, engineering, and math programs is growing, life can still get lonely for women in STEM fields. “We felt like they didn’t have a system of support. They didn’t know each other,” says WVU Tech computer science professor Stephanie Coffman-Wolph.

So last October, Coffman-Wolph and other female science and engineering faculty members launched the Association for Women Engineers, Scientists, Or Mathematicians Empowerment—also known as AWESOME.

Since last fall, the group has sponsored guest speakers on campus and hosted a trip to the West Virginia Capitol for Girls’ Day at the Legislature. For the upcoming academic year, AWESOME is planning professional development and mentorship programs, and also will open a lounge area on campus for club members.

Coffman-Wolph hopes the organization will someday expand beyond WVU Tech with chapters on campuses across the country. “We look for it to get bigger and take off.”