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About the Program

A total of 128 hours are required for the Bachelor of Science in chemistry. The program requires rigorous core courses in chemistry, mathematics and physics in addition to 24 hours of restricted electives to be chosen from a list approved by the department. Required departmental courses account for 103 to 104 of the hours required for the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. The core curriculum requirements account for 25 hours. Students must pass an assessment exam in inorganic chemistry, chemical analysis and instrumental methods, organic and bioorganic chemistry and calculus based physical chemistry during their seventh and/or eighth semester.

Through the study of composition, structure and properties of matter, students are provided with a broad-based education for entry into many highly marketable fields such as biometrics, biotechnology, environmental studies and forensics. The program provides an excellent background for entry into a graduate program or for today’s highly desirable professional schools such as medical, dental, veterinary medicine or pharmacy.