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The aerospace engineering program at WVU Tech/WVU is designed to prepare the student for a career in the aerospace industry, in government research and development centers and laboratories or in military mission-oriented agencies. The undergraduate curriculum also allows the student to prepare for graduate studies in aerospace engineering and in other graduate fields. On account of the reputation as a practice-oriented engineering program, WVU Tech graduates have been among most sought after college graduates. In particular, graduates with co-op experience usually have job offers before they graduate, often from their co-op employers. The Career Centers at WVU Tech and WVU do a great job in arranging job fairs and helping students with their job search.

A recent CNN Money story says that the aerospace engineers were placed twelfth among fifteen engineering majors in starting salaries. In general, nearly all of our graduates have job offers by the time they complete their degree requirements, or soon thereafter. Graduates with co-op experience have the best chance of landing high-salary jobs. The Career Centers at WVU Tech and WVU collect and maintain current data on placement of graduates.