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Aerospace Engineering

About the Program

The Mechanical Engineering department at WVU Tech provides a path for a 2+2 aerospace degree from West Virginia University. Aerospace engineering students begin their study at WVU Tech and later transfer to WVU where they complete a BSAE degree. The program requires 128 semester hours of rigorous academic work. Students take a series of sequential courses in several areas and develop skills necessary to be successful aerospace engineers.

Air travel has fascinated humans for a long time. Recent technical advances in aerospace travel, space exploration and aerial vehicles have been phenomenal. Aerospace engineering deals with the science and technology of airborne and space vehicles such as airplanes, rockets, missiles and space crafts. Aerospace technology has also been successfully applied to earth-bound vehicles such as hydrofoil ships, high-speed trains and automobiles.

WVU Tech and West Virginia University have joined their resources to offer a 2+2 aerospace program – two years each at WVU Tech’s Montgomery campus and at WVU’s Morgantown campus – leading to a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering degree. Under this arrangement, a student interested in a BSAE degree from WVU can start as a freshman at WVU Tech in mechanical engineering, complete the appropriate courses in four semesters with a GPA of at least 2.0 and transfer to the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Department at WVU in Morgantown. Upon completion of the appropriate curriculum requirements, a student may receive a BSAE degree from WVU.

The aerospace curriculum includes studies in the disciplines encountered in the design of aerospace vehicles, missiles, rockets and spacecraft. The undergraduate curriculum includes extensive study of the basic principles of fluid dynamics, solid mechanics and structures, stability and control, thermal sciences and propulsion. The primary objective is to create safe and durable aircrafts and space crafts that help maintain and improve the standard of living of all human beings. A degree in aerospace engineering prepares students for a variety of positions in industry, government and academia. Academically gifted graduates of the program may pursue graduate studies and successfully complete M.S. and Ph.D. degrees at reputable universities.