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E.T. - Environmental Emphasis

About the Program

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology – Environmental emphasis is a plus-two program that builds on associate degrees earned in environmental engineering technology or similar areas. The program provides an opportunity to choose a plan of study toward a bachelor’s degree which best meets the student’s needs. Entrance requirements to the program include an associate degree in environmental engineering technology with appropriate coursework, including physical sciences and mathematics (through analytic geometry with calculus).

Graduates of associate degree in environmental engineering technology or related programs from other institutions may enter the program as juniors based on an evaluation of their transcripts. This evaluation determines if additional lower division courses will be required to meet the prerequisites of the program.

Students also may transfer from environmental engineering or closely related programs to the environmental engineering technology program at a level depending on the evaluation of their courses. Freshman students may gain admission to the program if several lower division courses are taken at BridgeValley Community and Technical College or another institution.

All students must meet the requirements of the institution and the core curriculum for graduation.