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Advisory Board

Industry Representatives

Don Stewart, Toyota Motors 
Eddie Webb, Robert C. Bird Institute 
Doug Meeks, Brewer & Company 
Dave Perdue, NGK Spark Plugs USA 
Mike McCown, Industrial Bolting Technologies 
Chris Skaggs, Eastern Electric, LLC 
Ezra Schoolcraft, Eagle Research 
Dave Martin, WV Dept. of Environmental Protection 
Phil Wright, Appalachian Power Company 
Kevin Westfall, Preiser Scientific 
Feras Tolaymat, WV Department of Transportation 
Larry Nottingham, Novel-GE Consulting 
Mike Frame, NGE Consulting 
A. Valentine, Globe Metallurgical 
Wesley Justice, USGS 
Brian Sloan, NiSource 
Jim Burton, State Electric 
David Rutherford, NiSource 
F. Brogan, USGS

WVU Tech Representatives

Z. Torbica, Dean, LCN CES
Steve Leftwich, Dept. Chair, Civil Engineering
Steve Goodman, Dept. Chair, Electrical Engineering
Pat Puttaiah, Dept. Chair, Mechanical Engineering
Yadollah Eslami, Assistant Professor, Engineering Technology
Winnie Fu, Assistant Professor, Engineering Technology

BridgeValley Community & Technical College Representatives

Earl Waytowich, Dept. Chair, Civil Engineering Technology
Tom Isaacs, Dept. Chair, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Ricky Hall, Dept. Chair, Electronic Engineering Technology