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Do Computer Science and Information Systems majors have to purchase their own personal computer or a laptop?

We do not require you to have your own computer. However, owning a computer, especially a laptop, is advantageous. We have computer labs outfitted with all the necessary software for your classes.

What languages are used in Computer Science and Information Systems?

Introductory courses use JAVA as the tool to teach basic computer science concepts. We offer courses in C, C++ and Python. C# and Visual Basic are required courses for information systems majors and technical electives for computer science majors. We have also offered Android programming course and we would consider teaching other programming languages, if sufficient demand exists.

What are the career options for computer science majors?

A bachelor’s degree in computer science prepares students for careers in software engineering, network and computer system administration and database management. WVU Tech computer science graduates are well-prepared for graduate studies at top-ranked universities in the nation.

While the majority of computer science graduates work in high technology companies, many find employment in startup companies, government agencies and all kinds of service sectors.

What are the career options for information systems majors?

Information systems graduates manage computer presences in all employment sectors. They are employed in health-care, education, commerce, engineering enterprises, social services and government agencies as computer systems analysts, database administrators, network systems & data communications analysts and network & computer systems administrators.

Are there graduate degrees in information systems?

Yes, and WVU Tech information system graduates can choose to pursue post-graduate education in computer information systems, management of information systems or business management.